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Empowering local designers in going retail

Argo Apparel Group (AAG) is a member of Argo Manunggal Group. Argo Manunggal Group started as a textile trading company in 1949. Today it is one of the largest integrated textile and garment company in Indonesia. AAG was established on 2015 to focus in branding, design, product development, marketing and distribution.

AAG initially launched its own brands, namely: Neusa & Runthing. AAG have made a commitment to create collaboration with every players in the Indonesian fashion industry to promote and elevate local products to the next level on the international scale. On 2017 we launched MADEIND as a new platform for curated designer’s item, which originated from one of the largest integrated textile and garment company in Indonesia. We empowered them to go into retail through the use of local sources. So far, we have collaborated with more than 12 designers such as BARLI ASMARA, PURANA, TANGAN, WILSEN WILLIM, BILLY TJONG, ARDISTIA NEW YORK, PATRICK OWEN, VIVIAN LEE, RINDA SALMUN, ANTHONY TANDIYONO, SALAGA, STUDIO MORAL.

Our first pop up concept store for retail “MADEIND” store was opened on February 2017 at corridor west side Mall @Alam Sutera, followed by the initial launch of www.made-ind.com along with offline events to fulfil customer’s experience with the concept of See Now Buy Now for all the designers collections.

We were also involved in the Hongkong Fashion Week on 2017 and accepted buyer from HK and Singapore base. The next run that we have in plan would be Shanghai and Tokyo.


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